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Set up a Login, then Link!

After confirming your email, you can link to a church by registering as a participant. You can request a link to more than one church for participation in their activities.

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Revitalize Your Church

One of our site creators talks about how our Time and Talent Network of Churches can help churches work together on joint programs. We help your church serve in a new way!

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Words: Think Outside of the Church,

Leadership Portal

What if you could manage programs online for more than one church that you lead? You can! In this video, we'll show you how we have designed a flexible dashboard for Leaders to do just that!

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Church Signup

Start signing up your church, now with our secure form! You will get a full, unrestricted 90 day trial period for $30. After that, your subscription will only cost you $1 a day or less! See our plans.

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New Feature Highlight

Send Text About Program

You can quickly reach one or more participants signed up for a specific program by sending them a text.

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