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Privacy and More

We protect your privacy based upon your selections, your church's selections, and the general site operations.

  • We do not share your login and sign-up information with other entities.
  • We only contact you within the context of our business relationship with you.
  • There are minimum contact requirements for the use of the site, such as login information, registration and e-mail.
  • We may need to contact you in relation to questions we have about your information or to help your church operate within our Time and Talent Network.
  • We share your Church's information based on your sharing selections and the information you have agreed to share when registering.
  • The church is responsible for using the information provided by the participant in an appropriate manner. The church is not allowed to use the information provided for non-program related activities.
  • In order to offer Network services to churches and participants, the Time and Talent Network needs to include the church in their directory of churches which is available online for participant selection.
  • While the information you provide to us through our online forms is secure and resides on our server, the nature of email communication is dependent upon the email pipeline from your email provider to you. Please do not share confidential information through email channels.
  • The Time and Talent Network may use the church's geolocation information and make it available to the online public.

  • We share your information with your selected churches based on the sharing agreements you have checked. Once you have selected a church as a partner, this will authorize us to release your information and selections to them.
  • Your relationship with your church or churches is guided by their program selections and implementations. We do not make the selections of programs for your churches and they alone are responsible for the way their programs are operated.
  • While the church is responsible for maintaining a program relationship with you, we have the final authority for acceptance and maintenance of your participation in the Time and Talent Network.
  • While the information you provide to us through our online forms is secure and resides on our server, the nature of email communication is dependent upon the email pipeline from your email provider to you. Please do not share confidential information through email channels.

Cookies and More

We use Cookies, BonBons and Email to make your Time and Talent Network experience better and more secure.

  • Sometimes The Samaritan's Cloud Corporation, who's trade name is Time and Talent Network ("we" or "our) may use small bytes of data called cookies and save them on your machine ("these activities"). For example, if we need to save your preferences for our site or authenticate who you are when you sign in to certain areas of our site, our web application will send a message to your web browser to ask if we can save this information for a certain period of time.
  • Some of our business affiliates such as our Security Certificate provider, DigiCert, also use cookies ("these activities"). We periodically evaluate the use of cookies by these affiliates.
  • Many browsers' default settings are configured to accept cookies. Your browser settings may need to be set up to allow us to use cookies. If you need help changing the cookie setting on your internet browser, please let us know.
  • You can also go to your browser settings and configure it to clear all of your cookies after you finish a browsing session. Keep in mind that this may affect your personal preferences for your next internet browsing experience. It is also possible to delete individual cookies through your browser, however each time you visit our site, there will be new cookies deposited on your device in order to manage your visit to our site smoothly and efficiently.
  • By using our Web Sites and/or Time and Talent Network, you agree to these activities and waive any liability of any nature arising out of these activities.
  • We use BonBons in conjunction with cookies as an email link verification number in order to complete the registration process. We may also use BonBons if we feel that extra verification of our identity is needed for an email interaction with you.
  • BonBons are designed to help you identify that emails are coming from us and not from an imposter.
  • If you ever have a question as to whether a Time and Talent email is authentic, it is your responsibility to contact us with an inquiry.

  • We may occasionally contact you by email with information we feel is relevant to your interests unless you request otherwise.
  • It is necessary for you to provide an email address in order participate in the Time and Talent Network.
  • We may also use your email address to provide information that you request if you sign up for one of your church's emailing lists. You will always have the opportunity to unsubscribe from that type of emailing list.
  • We don't give out your email address to anyone else unless you approve sharing or unless it is required by state or federal law.
  • It is very important for you to understand that while our site is secure and encrypted, the emails to and from our Network are not secure and by using our services you consent to the level of security our Network has and you waive any and all claims for liability of any nature arising out of our security protocols or lack thereof. When you need to communicate confidential information to anyone in the Network, including your church, you should choose another method.