Church Subscription Introductory Offer

Initial 90 day period -FREE- with a $30 setup charge.


  • walk you through getting your church operational on our site.
  • offer a virtual presentation and teaching session for your pastor, designated Leader, Outreach committee or church council.
  • take calls, texts or emails to help your Time and Talent Leader get a pilot program set up during the 90 day try-out period.

  • For the 90 day try-out you get:
    1. full access to our entire site and all the great features as listed.
    2. 100 free participation links, which connect visitors, friends and members to your church's portal. You will be able to see the running total of participants linked to your church. Contact us if you need additional participant links during the trial period.
    3. 250 free outgoing notification text messages, which can be sent from your portal (no phone needed) to program participants. Additional texting packages are available for purchase during your introductory offer.
    4. unlimited free outgoing notification emails for program participants.
    5. ability to appoint other leaders to direct programs and participants.
    6. use of all our extensive training videos.
    7. automatic renewal to the 100 participant subscription plan. See pricing options below.
    8.  Call or Text Us! 
    9.   Email Us!

    With the full subscription you can:
    1. upgrade to handle a larger number of participants. Quickly connect more visitors, friends and participants to church life.
    2. purchase additional text messaging packages on either a one-time or auto-renewal plan.
    3. continue to use our video library and receive additional help for your church leaders, if desired.
    4. let our program continue to keep track of all of your program signups for you!
    5. let our program make it easy for you to contact your participants about activities.
    6. watch as some previously inactive or off-site members, friends and visitors start to connect!
    7. create unlimited voting and interest polls to find out what drives your participants.
    8. download a Quick Response (QR) scan code square to lead potential participants right to your portal!
    9. set visibility control for your church at several levels. Control church portal access to be more restricted or more open depending on your church's direction.

    Any Church size - big or small!
    1. Regardless of your church size, you pay only for the number of participants you expect.
    2. A participant is considered to be a visitor, friend or member of your church that links to your church's Time and Talent Portal.
    3. Minimum purchase of 100 participant allowance. If your church is currently less that 100, this leaves room for growth.
    4. You can upgrade to higher level of participation.
    5. Prepay every 90 day period. Take advantage of our price quantity discounts!
    Minimum Participants Tier Breakpoint Price per Participant
    100 participants 100 participants $0.60
    101 participants 250 participants $0.50
    251 participants 500 participants $0.45
    501 participants 1,000 participants $0.40
    1,001 participants 5,000 participants $0.35
    5,001 participants 10,000 participants $0.30
    10,001 participants 30,000 participants $0.25
    30,001 participants 75,000 participants $0.20
    75,001 participants 100,000 participants $0.15

    Imagine that:

    • your visitors could scan a Quick Response scan code on your bulletin or website to easily link up with your church
    • visitors, friends, and members could see all of the current church programs in your Time and Talent Portal, while we maintain your data in an organized and secure way.
    • your visitors could easily request to link to your church as a friend or member and sign up online for activities.
    • participants could supply their chosen contact information and keep it up-to-date on their own.
    • those needing pastoral care can easily contact you through our portal.
    • leaders could find out what people in your church are really longing to participate in by setting up a church-wide interest poll in minutes.
    • engaging everyone in the voting process by offering online voting
    • you could easily integrate online church participants into the life of your church!

    Each plan includes all of the following features:

    Safe Text Messaging and Email

    250 free text messages as sign-on bonus!

    • Program leaders can send texts or emails to program participants.
    • Messages are outgoing-only, which keeps your group communications simple.
    • No phone required! Our web leadership area provides the message interface.
    • Your church designated email receives a copy of all texts or emails which were sent, which provides safety and accountability.
    • For safety reasons, direct communications to individuals less than 18 years of age is prevented, but can be directed through parent or guardian.

    Voting and Interest Polls

    Unlimited Votes and Polls

    • Set up with or without a quorum or minimum voter requirement.
    • Choose the start and end date and time for your vote or poll.
    • Allows for a single response, such as Yes or No. Also allows multiple responses when more than one option or interest response is possible.
    • Controls when your church participants can see the voting results.
    • Church decides if members and/or friends can participate in a given vote or poll.
    • Enables voting for participants who cannot attend scheduled voter meetings.

    Pre-designed Program Templates

    Over 250 programs in 16 Categories

    • Program setup in minutes with quick selection.
    • Choose start and end dates as well as an implementation date to begin promoting the program.
    • Control who may sign up: members only or members and friends
    • Designate a program as "Special Approval Needed" when you need to screen participants.
    • Set the number of participants desired to accurately gage the progress of a program.
    • Use a "Notes" area, which only the church leaders can see, to record information about a program.

    Each plan also includes:

    Custom Program Design

    Unlimited design of your own programs

    • Pick a category and then easily set up programs specific to your church.
    • Create a title, description and detailed information for the program.
    • Keep the program in a draft state until you are ready to add the implementation date, start and end dates, approval required, participant status, participant number and notes.
    • Decide when you will activate the program for your participants to see.
    • Keep the programs in an inactive state when they are on hiatus, such as for a Bible study, and then reactivate them when ready!

    Instant Contact Update

    Ongoing contact and program updates

    • Participants add their own email addresses, location addresses and phone numbers.
    • Contact information can be activated and deactivated on an ongoing basis. For part-year participants, this is ideal!
    • Participants can sign up for church programs at any time. Their activity list is fluid so that they can change or add programs as their interests change.
    • The church and participant have access to their BioSketch, which lists all contact information, contact times, and program sign-ups for that church.
    • From now on, you won't have to guess when to contact a participant by text or phone. Participants indicate preferred contact times for each method of contact they provide!

    Pastoral Care

    Request Care or Notify Church of Needs

    • Linked participants can make pastoral care, prayer, visitation and information requests through their own church portal.
    • By email sent through our Time and Talent Network, the pastor can be immediately notified of illnesses and hospital visitation requests.*
    • The designated pastor is automatically notified of any pastoral care requests. The church office email designated by the church admin also receives a copy of every request.
    • You don't have to worry about missing contact requests any longer. Through our form, the requests for information about joining the church, pastoral care, visitation and prayer all go to the right place!

    *Participants and Leaders should never send confidential information over email or text.

    Finding out more about how Time and Talent will work for your church is easy. Have a look at our videos for leaders  which will give you a peek into what Time and Talent can do for your church programming.

    Want to see this website in action? Contact us for an interactive demo where you will have an opportunity to work with a representative on a virtual call and actually simulate use of the Time and Talent Network. Contact us now  to schedule a demo time.

    Click our Demo Church, right now to try out some of the features. You can experience what it is like as a participant in our network by taking part in demo interest polls, signing up for demo programs, and sending demo pastoral care requests.