Good Example Demo Church

Simulate church engagement in the Time and Talent Network!

  • You can experience what it is like as a participant in our network by taking part in demo interest polls, signing up for demo programs, and sending demo pastoral care requests.
  • You can also try out being a participant at different levels of access authority: visitor, friend, or member. Visitors can view all listed activities. Friends can participate in some activities and votes that are designated for friends. Members can participate in all activities and votes.
  • Additionally you can link up with a 2nd Demo Church we have set up so that you can see what it would be like to participate in more than one church's activities.
  • When you are done with the simulation, feel free to unlink at any time.
  • As always, your privacy is safeguarded. You are only required to supply an email address to use the Network.
  • When using the demo churches, only the Time and Talent website facilitator will be able to see your information. In the case of a real church signup, only designated church leaders will be provided your signup information and will be able to contact you.
  • In order to link, you will need a free site login.

Link to the Demo Church!

If you don't yet have a site login, you can get one now.

  • Click "New Login Setup" button, set up your login, and then you will be redirected to link to the Good Example Demo Church.

If you have a site login already but are not logged in at this time, then click on the following link: Good Example Demo Church. After login you'll be taken to the Demo Church Signup page to link as a Demo Church participant.

Use QR Scan Code

You can also use your mobile device's camera or QR scan code reader to link to the Demo Church easily at a later time. Feel free to print or download this scan code and share!