How you can become involved in your church and others!

Have you ever wondered how great it would be if you could sign up for your church's activities in real time? We have!

Have you wanted to get involved with other churches for some of their activities in order to better serve your community? We have, too!

We've designed a web site just for church participants like you. There is no charge to you, as a participant! When your church joins our Network, its programs become available in an interactive way. Best of all, you can get involved in programs sponsored by different churches once your link to that church is approved by them.

youthful volunteers teach computer skills to older people
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We can hardly wait to show you and your church a whole new way of serving together!

Here is how it works:

Link as a Visitor, Friend or Member

  • Just sign up for a site login and then begin our registration process which will link you to a church.
  • Once your link with a church is approved by that church, you will be taken to a Participant Landing where you can manage all of your contact information and access all of your churches.
  • If you are a visitor or have a general interest in a church, you can see all of the programs they offer.
  • If you request a link as a friend of the church, you will be able to sign up for some of the activities at that church without becoming a member.
  • If you are already a member, then you can sign up for any activities that the church offers.

Connect with one or more churches!

  • Our site is set up so that many different people from all walks of life can start engaging in church life.
  • For instance, if you belong to a local church, but would like to go on a mission trip with another church in our Network, you can sign up as a friend and stay informed about the trip through email notifications sent by that church.
  • In the same way, you can invite others to link with your church for after-school programs, food pantry outreach and community drives, just to name a few. We can do so much more, together!

Indicate your Interest in Real Time!

  • You can go online and update your interest for an activity at any time.
  • When your church adds a new program, you no longer have to wait until a signup sheet is passed around or the annual time and talent sheet is distributed. You can sign up right away!
  • Your church can let you know the program ID number of an activity and you can sign up right on your tablet, phone or computer.
  • Your contact information will be visible to your church so that your church can easily reach you. Any time you have changes in contact info, program interest, or church affiliation level you can go in and change it online.

Energize your church life today!
Get a site login here!

If your church hasn't yet signed up, let us know about them and we will contact your church with information about getting started.