What the Time and Talent Network can do for your Church

Builds Programs! Builds Leaders!

Our Time and Talent program is the result of years of prayerful planning with church pastors, leaders, and parishioners in mind.

It has been carefully laid out by our team to be a time-saving, cost-effective resource for churches to discover time and talent within their church.

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We can hardly wait to show you and your church a whole new way of serving together!

Here is how it works:

Sign Up and Set Up!

  • Sign up your church with The Time and Talent Network.
  • Select from our 250 programs or set up your own custom programs and decide which programs you are ready to present to your members, friends or visitor Participants.
  • Specify the number of Participants you would like in each program and then activate your church for signups to start!
  • Are you still struggling with connecting your activities with the right individuals in your church? Once you are online, all individuals known to your church will have the opportunity to link to your church and see the activities you offer.

Share Programs with Other Churches!

  • Decide whether you would like to allow other Churches and Participants in our system to view the types of programs you have in your church and sign up for them. If you have an after school program, for example, then your experiences can be a priceless resource for other churches. What a great opportunity to share programs!
  • You will find it possible to avoid duplication of services by partnering with other churches or organizations. With this kind of synergy so much can be accomplished!

Track Signups and Interested

  • Now it's time to bring in the members and friends of your church. They go to our website and fill out a profile. There they link to your church in order to view the programs and duties they would like to participate in. These linked Participants will update their information all through the year. Imagine all the time and money your church will save, since each Participant will input their own data into our cloud application.
  • As approved members or friends of your church sign up for a particular activity, our program will keep track of how many Participants are still needed. You can determine how many have signed up for your church's activities at a glance. You can also see a separate list of those who are interested, but not yet ready to commit.You can access the information from anywhere there is an internet connection. With such mobility, you'll have instant access to the contact information and activity selections of your Participants.

These are just a few of the many time-saving and unique features of the Time and Talent Network.

You can do all this and more with our low subscription prices!

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