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PO Box 102
Lisbon, North Dakota 58054-0102

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Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Central Time


Weekends or evenings by special appointment.

Phone Calls

Call or Text our business phone:
Please call or text business cell 701-308-1577

Response Time

We return your texts and calls promptly during our office hours or at your requested time, when possible.


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Email Replies

Clicking on our email address will open up your own email program. This will allow you to keep your own record of the correspondence. We like to hear from you, so if you don't receive an email reply within the time you would expect, please let us know. Your email may have been delivered to our spam folder. In that case, please contact us by phone or text so we can help you.

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Login first with your free secure site login. Fill out this general contact form to contact Time and Talent or complete the church contact request to help us contact your church.


Contact us with WhatsApp using our contact phone number of 1-701-308-1577.

WebSite Support

Skype a message to us!

Social Media

Go to our Time and Talent Network Facebook page where you can contact us using WhatsApp or Messenger.

For Churches in our Time and Talent Network, please log in to see more contact options on this page.