We will help you:

  1. make it so easy to set up your programs for online signup.
  2. securely host your ongoing signups for your participants.
  3. teach your key leaders how to use the website.
  4. provide ways to delegate responsibility to program leaders.
  5. offer implementation strategies to encourage participation.
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We are ready to:
  1. help churches adapt to changing times while keeping their spiritual focus.
  2. show you how to share programs with other churches and lighten your load.
  3. facilitate the setup of relationships where big churches help smaller.
  4. teach smaller churches how to band together and implement programs they never though possible.
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How to get started:
  1. Click on the "Start Signup Process" button below or the "Get a Login" button. They will both take you through the signup step by step.
  2. Upon signup, all churches automatically get the 3 month introductory subscription. Pay for 1 month ($30) and get 2 months free!
  3. If you'd like to know more, set up a live video conference to see all the features of the site. Contact us for your appointment.
  4. Refer a church to successfully sign up with us and get 25% off of the first annual subscription!
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Anyone can sign up as a church participant - member, friend or visitor - and link to a subscribing church for free!

Any church can sign up and become a subscribing church so participants can see programs and link from anywhere.

Transform your church!

Times are changing quickly and the needs of churches are changing just as fast. An online worship service is just the beginning of outreach. People need and want to get involved, and now they can easily do so. Churches of any size can benefit from our online interface.

Are there people in your community who you would like to connect with? Are there friends of the church who want to help on an occasional basis? We have that covered, too! We encourage community involvement in your church by allowing you to open up programs to share with people in your area. New people can sign up online and link to your church.

Would you like to do joint outreach with other churches? Our website is fine tuned to help you easily share activities with other churches in your community, state, or even the world!

In order to start the sign-up process, you will need to set up general login credentials. This requires no commitment, but will allow you to securely continue your registration.